I am a photographer, a darkroom printer and a philosophy PhD student. I do not hold to a genre, system or style of photography, preferring to work across a broader canvass. However, as an experience I prefer film photography and making pictures in a darkroom to any other way of producing photographs. Crafts are good for the soul.

My photography influences are many. I am in awe of Eugène Atget and I hold Ray Moore, Fay Godwin and Frederick H. Evans in dear esteem. Also Wynn Bullock and Thomas Joshua Cooper. Oh, also Sally Mann. I also owe much to Andrew Sanderson.

My influences in philosophy include Aristotle, Wittgenstein, McDowell, Wiggins, Gaskin and Blackburn.

The ability of a photograph to say something clearly and beautifully is all. Saying something clearly comes from having a point of view that is worth saying. Saying something beautifully indicates an appreciation of a deeper perspective at work in how we can see things.

Here I write about photographers and what photography means to me. I also share my darkroom moments, many mistakes, a few successes.

Hereford Cathedral, © Tony Cearns, Ilford HP5 developed in Pyrocat HD printed on Ilford MGWT.

Some of my work can be seen here.