Walking paths and byeways with my dog, a home-fashioned, easy-in-the-hand stick and a camera is essential to me. I find walking and photography to be deeply interconnected, whether in the countryside or city. Indeed, after a long confusing period of not knowing what kind of a photographer I wanted to be, I now consider myself to be simply a photographer of the path and the inconsequential things ‘happened upon’ when walking.

My dog ‘Badger’ – ever eager and never far from my side.

This site is a a bit of a mixture: a notebook to myself, recording my progress and errors learning film darkroom work; thoughts on photography at large and of course, my ramblings with camera and dog. Printmaking has greatly altered my attitude towards photography, particularly Bromoil, Oil and Salt printing.

Increasingly, I turn to my LF camera or pinhole and 19th century printing techniques to get across what I see.

My photographic influences are many, across a wide range of genres, styles and subject matters. Singling out a few is difficult but I find the work of Atget, Strand, Dorothea Lange, Sally Mann, Wright Marion Morris, Raymond Moore and Andrew Sanderson particularily thought-provoking. And of course those walker-photographers, Fay Godwin, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Hamish Fulton and Richard Long.

Hereford Cathedral, © Tony Cearns, Ilford HP5 developed in Pyrocat HD printed on Ilford MGWT, scanned from print.

In my photographic journey I am reminded of a quote by Marcel Proust:

A voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes

Hence ‘Sideways eye’

Some of my work can be seen here.