I am a photographer, a darkroom printer and a philosopher. I do not hold to a genre, system or style, preferring to work across a broader canvass.

My influences are too many to set out. However I am in awe of Eugène Atget and I hold Ray Moore, Fay Godwin and Frederick H. Evans in dear esteem. Also Thomas Joshua Cooper. Oh, also Sally Mann. These photographers define for me what photography can be.

The ability of a photograph to say something clearly and beautifully is all. Saying something clearly comes from having a point of view that is worth saying. Saying something beautifully indicates an appreciation of a deeper perspective at work in how we can see things.

I enjoy the darkroom as I play with the light and silver. There is something quite magical about producing a print which mirrors what I imagine in my mind’s eye.

Here I write about photographers and share my darkroom moments, many mistakes, a few successes.

Hereford Cathedral, © Tony Cearns, Ilford HP5 developed in Pyrocat HD

Some of my work can be seen here.