I am a film photographer and darkroom printer. I also enjoy experimenting with alternative processes. I do not hold to a genre, system or style, preferring to work across a broader canvass. My influences are many but I particularly like the work of the “Two Rays” – Tony Ray-Jones and Ray Moore.

I do not find it easy to pre-visualise a picture. The visualisation happens in the darkroom as I play with the light and silver. There is something quite magical about producing a fine print which mirrors what I imagine in my mind’s eye.

Here I share my darkroom moments, mistakes and some successes.

I also write about photography and philosophy. I contend that seeing and language are inextricably linked, that what we experience when we see is a ‘precipitate of language’ 1. Seeing is propositionally structured. I am currently doing a philosophy PhD on this topic but I won’t expand on this here.

film photography and darkroom printing
Altar, Tunbridge, North Dakota, Printed on Ilford MG WT using Ansco 130,

  1. See Richard Gaskin’s ‘Language, Truth and Literature, Oxford University Press. 2013