I have always been a fan of Barry Thornton’s two bath developer – such a good performer in high contrast situations …

I recently found an undeveloped roll of HP5 Plus (120 format) in a draw, which I think I had taken using my Mamiya Folder. I could not remember what the pictures were of, and so I thought I would develop them in my home-made Barry Thornton 2-bath developer. The beauty of this developer is that it is very tolerant to exposure or contrast problems.

Here is one of the pictures:

HP5 Plus in BTTB developed for 4 minutes 30 seconds in both baths. Scanned from negative.

Quite a high contrast scene. The developer has done a good job here.

Here is the recipe that I used:

Bath A
Metol 6.5g*
Sodium Sulphite 80g**
Water to 1 litre

Bath B
Sodium Metaborate 12g
Water to 1 litre

8 thoughts on “Barry Thornton’s Two Bath Developer

  1. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of this two bath development so I’ll plan to give it a try with my next roll.

    1. It’s a ‘wide’ condition developer that does a good job if you are uncertain about developing strategy

  2. Thank you.
    10 135 of 36 exp films ?
    Do you use the same time or do you increase it as you use the developer?

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