Book Cover: John Blakemore's Black and White Photography Workshop
Reviews:Sidewayseye wrote:

John Blakemore needs no introduction to photographers of a certain generation. With Thornton and Ephraums, Blakemore's book inspired me to return to film photography after a flirtation with digital.

The strength of this book comes from Blakemore's strong sense of visualisation. Always experimenting with technique, Blakemore shows in detail how he realises his tonal variations. Although detailed his text is not overly ponderous, and his use of photographs, particularly the famed 'tulips' series, beautifully brings to light his thought process. The book has a good description of the zone system and print controls.

The book is not simply a work on technique. It is about the act of picture-making in which a relationship between the light and the photographer is shown to underpin each photograph.

A gem of a book.