Book Cover: Photographic Printing by Gene Nocon
Reviews:Sidewayseye wrote:

Gene Nocon's death in 2011 was a great loss to the printing fraternity. I recently met an experienced darkroom printer who knew him and only had good things to say about him.

Nocon was known for his darkroom mastery and innovation. He was much in demand by well known photographers such as Linda McCartney, Barry Lategan, Norman Parkinson and many others including Royalty, working in London and San Diego.

His development of lith techniques, f-stop timing and flashing techniques are noteworthy, now forming the staple of many darkrooms.

The book is therefore of historical interest. But it has more than this. For example I was not aware of the light loss consequent on focal distance in my Hasselblad. I had never seen this issue discussed anywhere.

So, a good addition to any darkroom printer's library.