Book Cover: The Darkroom Cookbook by Anchell
Reviews:Sidewayseye wrote:

Indispensable to the darkroom practitioners, this book explains as much as you need to know about film and paper developers and techniques.

There is some cross-over with its sister book, 'The Film Developing Cookbook', but there is so much information on paper development that this does not detract from the book.

Of particular value are the many formulae listed. Many of us starting in the darkroom begin with good old Ilford Multi-Grade. That's a good place to start but many never leave to explore other paper developers. Recently I wanted a certain type of look to one of my pictures for some bromoil work, so on the strength of this book I made up some Ansco 130. It gave beautiful gradations.

If you are serious about developing darkroom skills, then this book is a must.