Quite a while ago I attempted a Bromoil portrait which ended up heavy-handed. I have now managed a more delicate picture …

Here is the bromoil that I did some two years ago on Adox MCC112 paper:

Learning Brmoil Printing
Bromoil on Adox MCC paper

At the time I was fairly satisfied that I could produce a bromoil at all. But I knew that it did not express what I wanted – something more nuanced.

Here is my latest attempt:

Bromoil on Finesse paper

I think this is much better. I used a different paper but I also changed my technique. In this print I used a warmer soaking water-bath and I added a little linseed oil to the ink. I used the ink more sparingly and a softer brush coupled with sponges.

I am beginning to undertand the huge potential of bromoil in the manipulation of micro-contrast.

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