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A visit to Rye, East Sussex

This post is one in a series called ‘behind the scenes’. The series describe how I visualise images and then the difficulties of putting these visualisations into effect as pictures.

Last year, just before the first COVID lock-down in England, I went walking in Sussex with my daughter. One of the towns we visited was Rye in East Sussex. I was curious how it might have changed since my last visit some 45 years ago.

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Introducing ‘behind the scenes’

I find myself being inexorably drawn to a wider range of printing techniques and , I suppose, pictorialism. It’s not that I find ‘straight printing’ uninteresting. It’s more that there is no such thing as a straight print. Most ‘natural looking’ prints have been heavily worked – (even those by the f.64 wing of photography).

We see a scene and we then try to give that scene an expression. What interests me is how we evolve this expression – an idiom.

This series of posts will examine how I attempt to give voice to some of the scenes I see.

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