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Grrr! Tide marks using C-41 Process

This site is partly about sharing frustrations in learning film photography. A difficulty I am having at the moment is the appearance of tide-marks on my negatives after processing with Tetenal C-41 kit using a Jobo.

The tide marks are very evident in the photograph below. Shame, as I quite like the picture. I can clean the negative, but of course it’s better to avoid the problem in the first place.

Tide marks; 35mm Ilford XP2 Super from Tetenal C 41 kit. Scanned from negative.

‘Googling’ the problem gives a range of recommendations: Use filtered water; use distilled water; reduce the concentration of the stabiliser; omit the stabiliser altogether; add photo-flo to the stabiliser and so on….

As I like to use Ilford XP2 film, I need to find an answer. So, I will report back. Grrr!

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