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Preparing for oil prints

Recently I went to a local exhibition of oil prints of scenes of the Wirral. The pictures were something to behold. The Oil method predates Bromoil but both belong to the same family of printing techniques that rely on the immiscibility of oil and water.

One of the frustrations of working in Bromoil is the lack of papers that take ink in the right way. The Oil method requires that you coat your own paper with sensitized gelatin. rather than buying commercial photo-sensitive paper. The process is quite long and finickety but so is Bromoil when it’s not working to plan, as 70% of my attempts end up.

So I plan to have a go at the Rawlins Oil Print, as I really like the result when it’s done well.

The first step is to write out a menu for myself and acquire all of the ingredients and kit. This I have now done. So here is the menu:

Page 1 of my oil printing menu
page 2 of my oil printing menu

No doubt I will need to amend them as I go along, but it’s the best description I can put together having read quite a few articles and seen a few videos about it. As well as talking in detail with the artist at the local exhibition.

A visit to Rye, East Sussex

This post is one in a series called ‘behind the scenes’. The series describe how I visualise images and then the difficulties of putting these visualisations into effect as pictures.

Last year, just before the first COVID lock-down in England, I went walking in Sussex with my daughter. One of the towns we visited was Rye in East Sussex. I was curious how it might have changed since my last visit some 45 years ago.

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