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Paper negatives – 4

Now that I have calibrated my paper speed to my light meter and my development snatch point (see here), I am now ready to look at the corners and recesses of my house. I am interested in the tonalities rather than the textures.

Here is the first corner:

Lamp and pianist; Corner of room – from a 7×5 Paper negative

Learning Large Format 2

This is the second post in my series ‘learning large format’ photography. As a beginner to large format I thought I would record my experiences. My first post discussed my reasons for getting into larger formats and my choice of kit. This post will describe the decisions I took in getting to my first sheet film image.

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Learning Large Format

Having convinced myself that I would never get into Large Format (sheet film) photography, I finally talked myself into buying a 5×7 view camera with an additional 4×5 back. Such is life.

This new series of posts will describe how I get on with the new format for I will undoubtedly make mistakes. I don’t mind sharing these as I have no pretences to keep up and writing about them helps me to stay objective. After all making mistakes is the only way of learning anything.

In this first post I talk about the rationale for going into large format and the kit that I acquired.

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Paper Negatives: Investigation 1

I am enthralled by the pictures that Andrew Sanderson makes with paper negatives.

My last visit to his darkroom was spent wholly on paper negatives. So I am now experimenting with what I learnt, and where better to begin than at the beginning …

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Standardising on film/developer

film developer combinations
What film/developer?

The general advice on choosing a film/developer combination is to select just one (or two) and to stick to this until you have learned its subtleties. The snag is that I enjoy experimenting, so I find sticking to this advice difficult. However, aside from some specialist techniques like infrared or pinhole, I seem to have settled on a few combinations that I favour …

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