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Photography as rehabilitation

Acquiring skills in photography is just one side of a practice. Constant repetition of procedure and attention to detail creates a skill that was not there before. There is also another side to the practice: the subject in which we modify ourselves rather than the objects that we fashion. It is the side of the subject where most gains are to be made. Or so I contend.

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On self-editing

I often see pictures where the overriding motive is to portray a particular expression of a subject but where the subject itself did not seem to merit the effort involved. I recognise such instances because some of these pictures are mine. It is so easy to fall foul of the trap of trying to rescue a poor or uninteresting composition through a painterly portrayal of it.

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Working the Landscape

Mention ‘landscape photography’ these days and many would immediately think of that style of photography that looks to the ‘beautiful’ or to the ‘sublime’ or to the ‘picturesque’ in our countryside. Perhaps we have Edmund Burke’s ‘A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful‘ to blame for that.

Romanticism in landscape photography is nothing new of course. 19th century Romantic photography provided a position which enabled a counter-reaction into Modernism.

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