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A day in London

Although most of my work involves film cameras, from time to time I take great delight in using a compact digital camera. For most occasions film gives me the expression that I seek, but when it comes to street photography I don’t think you can better a fast digital camera.

Last week I wandered around London for a day, remembering how I got into photography in the first place: through street photography. Here is the photo journal for the day ..

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Photography as rehabilitation

Acquiring skills in photography is just one side of a practice. Constant repetition of procedure and attention to detail creates a skill that was not there before. There is also another side to the practice: the subject in which we modify ourselves rather than the objects that we fashion. It is the side of the subject where most gains are to be made. Or so I contend.

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On self-editing

I often see pictures where the overriding motive is to portray a particular expression of a subject but where the subject itself did not seem to merit the effort involved. I recognise such instances because some of these pictures are mine. It is so easy to fall foul of the trap of trying to rescue a poor or uninteresting composition through a painterly portrayal of it.

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