I have been playing with this particular scene using Bromoil to get an understanding of the different looks that I can create …

I was quite pleased with this first image of Hereford from the River Wye, but the more that I looked at it, the more I became slightly dissatisfied. It has to do with the lack of detail in the left hand bank and the quality of the light on the water.

Version 1, scan from print. Paper: Finesse

In this version I exposed the negative for n+1/3, soaked at 35C for 15 minutes, then inked using #1796.

I then found another negative with a little more detail on the left bank:

Version 2, scan from print; Paper: Finesse

Here I exposed the negative for n+1 and took the soak up to 40C and inked firstly with hard #1803, then softer #1796. I prefer the water and the left bank, but not so much the sky.

Finally, the third version was exposed for n, the soak was at 40C and the inking was with #1796:

Version 3; scan from print, Paper: Finesse.

Higher contrast than version 2.

I’m not sure which I prefer as they are quite different ….

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