Herzog walked the streets of Vancouver with Kodachrome in his Leica at a time when colour film was a novelty, and not taken seriously by aspiring ‘artist-photographers’. He is best known for his image, ‘Bandaged Man‘, but there are many other photographs to admire.

I like this one:

© Estate of Fred Herzog

“If you don’t trust your instincts, if you don’t trust your first vision, then you lose it. So when there’s action I start shooting right away. I don’t look long.” Herzog told The Sun in 1994. We street photographers will fully appreciate this. One always seems to be between being too early or too late when ‘taking street’. The ‘right moment’ is a tricky thing.

A recent book on Herzog is well worth reading looking through. The essays by David Campany and Hans-Michael Kœtzle are well crafted and the reproduction of the colour plates exquisite. One of my favourite photo-books.

book cover

2 thoughts on “Hallowed Camp #18 – Fred Herzog

  1. I remember buying Fred Herzog Photographs in Waterstones, years back, my first proper photography book, I never looked back from there, but Herzog has remained high in my conscienceness ever since. Modern Color is another great one too

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for looking in. The other early photographer I really like is Saul Leiter – very different style.Best regards.

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