A sumptious platinum image: without comment. ‘A Sea of Steps’ by Frederick Evans.

Frederick H. Evans, Wells Cathedral: A Sea of Steps (Stairs to the Chapter House and Bridge to the Vicar’s Close), 1903, platinum print

For an introduction to the series see here.

2 thoughts on “Hallowed Camp #3 – Frederick Evans

  1. This location was fixed into my mind years ago when I made my first and only visit to Wells. The eroded steps were symbols of accrued sanctity for me. The multiple flights of stairs confused my little mind and direction. I did not know the photograph before seeing it here. The gradations of gray are wonderful. A few days ago I came across the same location among the photographs of Philip Larkin. His “partner” Monica stands very upright on the steps echoing the columns. It is very Larkin but not the Larkin of Church Going. A very different photo from the one above. Richard Bradford in his The Importance of Elsewhere collects Larkins photo. I guess you knew that.
    I enjoy your site and so hope you continue. Are you based in Liverpool?

    1. Thank you Philip and I’m glad you enjoy the site.

      Yes, I’m based in Liverpool and doing a philosophy PhD at the University in my retirement (or trying to). I knew about Larkin’s pictures but did not know Bradford’s book – so thanks for this introduction.

      I’m hoping to get down to Wells this year, things permitting.

      I came across this picture by Evans many years ago and it has always fascinated me. Something about steps going up and also the way the steps show the wear of people over centuries.

      Best regards,

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