I’m a photographer who ‘wanders like a plaintive shadow about the places where I dwell’ – (Théphile Gautier).

The central attitude behind my photography is that of caring. To take a good photograph of something is to care for it, to hold it out as something important.

I try to respond spontaneously to the way the world is. To see the world as it is, it’s necessary to abandon oneself to it. Aimless wandering allows the world to reveal itself, for, seeking with intention is already to see the world conceptually. Sometimes we can glimpse something without framing it conceptually, but of course, we can say nothing about that.

Going for a wander may result in images of street scenes, nature, architecture, people happenings, events or abstract things. Or often nothing. A wander may be completed in 10 minutes or last for many days.

On returning to my darkroom I set about trying to find an appropriate expression for what I have seen, to show why I cared about the subject.

Liverpool Cemetery, Bromoil, © Tony Cearns

Thanks for wandering in,

Tony Cearns