This blog is about my journey in learning film photography and darkroom printing. I mostly work with film enjoying fine printing, alt-pro techniques (such as Bromoil, Salt and Paper Negatives) and Street Photography. For me, much of the magic happens in finding an apt expression in the darkroom.

There’s no romance to using film. It’s about the work. Immersion in the slow process of film photography gives me what I need from photography. But this site is not a diatribe against digital. Anything that extends or records how we perceive is technological, whether that be silver chloride/bromide grains or pixels. It’s all there to be used and appreciated. I converted a small house on my property into a photographic studio and darkroom. Here are some pictures of it.

Film and darkroom work

Crafting a sense of a scene is what I find so interesting about darkroom-based photography. Post-visualisation becomes as important as pre-visualisation. The darkroom is a place of science and alchemy. Both have a place in my darkroom.

This site is devoted to keeping the craft of darkroom printing alive.