It’s a little pretentious to cite influences.

Perhaps it’s better to acknowledge those photographers who’s photographs move me – Eugène Atget, Paul Strand, Harry Callahan, Minor White, Walker-Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Kertész, Fred Herzog, Raymond Moore, Edwin Smith, Lee Friedlander, Fay Godwin, Paddy Summerfield and Andrew Sanderson.

In terms of aspring to a style, for me, it really starts with Atget and continues through Walker-Evans with his lyrical style of documentary, Clarence John Laughlin with his touch of surrealism and on through Wynn Bullock and others. If I was forced to pick out a style around which a sense of story is expressed, I would point to Laughlin’s ante-bellum architectural work and late Paul Strand who towards the end of his life took a ‘turn inwards’.