I’m a photographer with an interest in philosophy, currently researching for a PhD in philosophy on the subject of ineffability.

I’ve had a long and diverse career but a constant in my life has been the love of photography which I took up from my father in the Brasil of the 1960s.

I make pictures in my traditional darkroom across a range of subjects: documentary, street, landscape, still-life. I mostly work with film but also enjoy alt-pro techniques such as Bromoil, Salt and Paper Negatives. The immediacy and ease of digital capture bores me. Does not contentment come from some hard-won thing?

For me there’s no romance to using film. It’s about the work. The process of film photography, from framing an image to washing out the fix from a print, gives a payback that I struggle to get from digital photography.

Abandoned Farm, North Dakota – Bromoil Print ©Tony Cearns


My photographic influences are many, so singling out a few is arbitrary. Let me just mention by way of applause and thanks: Robert Demachy, John Ruskin, Leonard Missone, Stieglitz, Edward Weston, Mortenson, Dorothea Lange, Minor White, Don McCullin, Andrew Sanderson and Fay Godwin.

Many thanks for looking in.

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