Another Bromoil. I made a few mistakes with this one …

St David’s Cathedral, Wales.

I couldn’t resist combining the cathedral with this couple taking a quiet moment together. The thing that attracted me was the horizontal bars of the bench against the vertical stripes of the woman’s blouse. The street photographer in me. I had to wait until a few other people had moved on, as the picture was too busy, so I risked missing it altogether. But the couple seemed glued to their seats, despite the fact that my dog, Badger, was whining behind me, getting bored.

The mistake I made in making this was to under-expose the negative under the enlarger. The picture has 8 layers of ink and three stages of drying and rewetting/inking. In some areas the inking is uneven and there are areas where the ink did not take well. More exposure would have made the inking more straightforward. I also should have burnt in the man’s shirt a little so that it would take some ink. And perhaps a slightly tighter crop on the right hand side …

It’s my first attempt at using the harder Sennerfeld #1803 ink as a base.

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