Experiments with Bromoil printing using Foma emulsion

The underlying spirit of this blog is to share my failures in the hope that other photo-cognescenti can avoid some pitfalls. I have spent quite a few hours trying to learn the Bromoil process and I think I am now making a little progress, although there is still some way to go ... Here I … Continue reading Experiments with Bromoil printing using Foma emulsion

Early steps into Bromoil

After my initial foray into Bromoil I decided to switch papers from Slavich Unibrom to Fomabrom Variant 113 to see whether it inked more easily. This post describes how I got on ... My method: Print from the negative with half a stop over-exposure and a grade lower than 'normal'.Process in Multigrade for normal time … Continue reading Early steps into Bromoil

My first Bromoil experience

Bromoil was made for us neo-pictorialists. The long attention to a single image perhaps stretching to several days; the impressionistic rendering of a scene; the knowledge that what you do is connected to the many pioneers of photography such as Alfonso Louis Poitevan, John Pouncey and G. H. Rawlins to mention only a few; these … Continue reading My first Bromoil experience

Preparing for Bromoil

I like to play at both ends of the expressive scale: silver gelatin photography in the straight style at one end and something much more expressive at the other, such as Bromoil. But it's taken me some time to get the necessary things together to make a start. Perhaps the hardest two things to get … Continue reading Preparing for Bromoil