Paper Negatives: Investigation 1

I am enthralled by the pictures that Andrew Sanderson makes with paper negatives. Straight Print © Tony CearnsPaper Negative produced by Andrew Sanderson My last visit to his darkroom was spent wholly on paper negatives. So I am now experimenting with what I learnt, and where better to begin than at the beginning ... I … Continue reading Paper Negatives: Investigation 1

Etching, Bromoil and Paper Negatives

At a recent exhibition of Rembrandt's printmaking techniques I was struck by the similarities between Etching, Bromoil and Paper Negative printing. All show the hand of the artist. All share a certain sensibility. In this self-portrait, Rembrandt would have been looking at a mirror. The print shows three techniques, etching, drypoint and engraving. The first … Continue reading Etching, Bromoil and Paper Negatives