What have I learned in the last 12 years?

It has been 12 years since I created this blog as a way of educating myself about photography in its technical, socio-historic, and aesthetic aspects. The idea was that writing about it would require me to consider any lessons formally and therefore (hopefully) more perspicuously. What have I learnt? Over these 12 years, I have … Continue reading What have I learned in the last 12 years?

Berlin 2023

A recent walk in Berlin with a film camera ... Introduction Photography gives me a reason to wander the world without intent, letting it take me where it will. Wandering so, I press my camera shutter when things seem 'right'. It's as simple as that. Long gone is any chase after the exotic. These days … Continue reading Berlin 2023

Manual Alvarez Bravo

The Photographer's Gallery's exhibition of Manuel Alvarez Bravo has me reaching for my copy of 'Manuel Alvarez Bravo - Photopoetry', a detailed study into his photography. I have long been an admirer of his work, but what really strikes me about Alvarez Bravo ("AB") is his ability to keep all the genre plates spinning. As … Continue reading Manual Alvarez Bravo