Hallowed Camp #9 – Fay Godwin

Ah, what to say about Fay Godwin? Marker Stone, Old Harlech to London Road, Wales by Fay Godwin. If I had to single out one photographer who has most shaped my photography it would have to be Fay Godwin. I wrote a post about this which can be read here. Studying this picture, you can … Continue reading Hallowed Camp #9 – Fay Godwin

Working the Landscape

Mention 'landscape photography' these days and many would immediately think of that style of photography that looks to the 'beautiful' or to the 'sublime' or to the 'picturesque' in our countryside. Perhaps we have Edmund Burke's 'A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful' to blame for that ... … Continue reading Working the Landscape