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“On Seeing Thus and So – the experience of photographs”


In philosophical parlance ‘that-p’ denotes propositional thought where a proposition is a statement that is capable of being true or false, if it is not non-sensical. Some philosophers think that seeing entails propositional thought, that we can only see what has been already conceptually contained.

So my research question is: does seeing ‘that-p’ entail a knowing of p that satisfies the kinds of experiences that we ascribe to the enjoyment of photographs? What I want to examine is the experiencing of photographs that I shall call ‘thus and so’, 1 that is inferentially and aesthetically.

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  1. The nod to Kant via Strawson is indicated here – See Strawson P.F. (1966)  p 108. However I do not wish to imply that inferential understanding and an aesthetic enjoyment are separable.

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