Pushing and Pulling

This post sets out my understanding of push/pull largely as a way of making sense of it for myself. Sources of confusion One source of confusion stems from the fact that the words 'push' and 'pull' are used inconsistently. Many (most?) film photographers do not print their pictures, choosing rather to scan their negatives. The … Continue reading Pushing and Pulling

Paper negatives (3)

Having established my speed for Ilford Ilfospeed grade 2 paper (see here) I now want to look at the relationship between exposure and development for this paper. Introduction I am interested in using the paper negative process for exploring tonality in indoor settings. An interesting place to start would be to look at whether the … Continue reading Paper negatives (3)

Paper Negative Speed Test

One of the reasons for buying a large format 5x7 Walker camera was to learn the craft of paper negative photography. In my last post on paper negatives I discussed the control of contrast. However I am finding Ilford WarmTone paper a little too slow for indoor portrait work so I decided to test Ilford … Continue reading Paper Negative Speed Test