The Railroad Towns of North Dakota

The railroad towns of North Dakota: Minot, Granville, Towner, Rugby, York. Small places, conservative, quiet. Near Willow City, ND. Ilford FP4+ Rugby Rail Station - iphone Granville, ND. Ilford XP2 Super Near Minot, Ilford XP2 Super Near Willow City; ND. Ilford FP4+ Willow City, ND. Reflection in Window; Ilford FP4+ Towner ND; Ilford FP4+ Rugby, … Continue reading The Railroad Towns of North Dakota

Split-grade printing

There is no better way to learn photography skills, and in particular darkroom skills, than copying the style of a photographer or photograph that you much admire. I like many of Robert Adams' photographs. They are in the documentary style and often high key, which makes a nice change from many landscape photos today that … Continue reading Split-grade printing

Lith Printing

Last year I went to North Dakota USA, courtesy of Tillman Crane, to photograph abandoned farms ... I had seen some wonderful photographs on the internet in all styles: digital and colour film, photo-gravure, straight monochrome prints, and of course Tillman's own beautiful platinum/palladium prints. I first heard about Tillman through chatting with André Goulancourt … Continue reading Lith Printing