Two bath printing from paper negatives

Following my posts about contrast control at the paper negative development stage, I now look at print development techniques ... Paper negatives open up many possibilities for self-expression. Until a year ago or so, I had laboured under the false assumption that there was limited scope for altering the look of a picture through paper … Continue reading Two bath printing from paper negatives

Paper negatives (3)

Having established my speed for Ilford Ilfospeed grade 2 paper (see here) I now want to look at the relationship between exposure and development for this paper. Introduction I am interested in using the paper negative process for exploring tonality in indoor settings. An interesting place to start would be to look at whether the … Continue reading Paper negatives (3)

Paper Negative Speed Test

One of the reasons for buying a large format 5x7 Walker camera was to learn the craft of paper negative photography. In my last post on paper negatives I discussed the control of contrast. However I am finding Ilford WarmTone paper a little too slow for indoor portrait work so I decided to test Ilford … Continue reading Paper Negative Speed Test