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Standardising on film/developer

film developer combinations
What film/developer?

The general advice on choosing a film/developer combination is to select just one (or two) and to stick to this until you have learned its subtleties. The snag is that I enjoy experimenting, so I find sticking to this advice difficult. However, aside from some specialist techniques like infrared or pinhole, I seem to have settled on a few combinations that I favour …

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Adox Silvermax with Rodinal 1:50

A diary note: Some say that you should stick to one film/developer combination for a few years to get to know their intricacies. I’m not in that camp, as I like to play. Most of the time I use Ilford FP4, HP5 or XP2 Super. I’m not too fussy because most of the work in rendering a nice picture is done in the darkroom. What motivates me most when taking a photograph is to position the exposure so that I end up with a range of printing options.

Today I looked at Silvermax with Rodinal diluted at 1:50 at 20C.

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Air-bells a-plenty – Grrrr!

Out with my Pinhole camera today in the slate mining areas of North Wales. It was a bright day so I decided to load the camera with Ilford Pan F 120.

On my return home I thought I would process the images in Rodinal 1:50. It has been a couple of years since I had used Rodinal, and in the past I have always used stand development.

Shock horror when I saw the results:

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