An abandoned farmhouse in North Dakota, not far from the Canadian border. Pigeon filth, broken glass, broken floor-boards.

This jacket caught my attention:

iPhone image of abandoned jacket

It reminded me of one that I once had with a ‘sheepskin’ inner. I particularly liked the hanger on the nail and the way the cracked sleeves showed a life of hard toil.

I set up my Hasselblad 503 with the 80mm Planar lens and Ilford FP4. If I remember right, the exposure was a couple of seconds at f.16. I opened the torn curtain and the door to the room that was casting a shadow.

My intention was to emphasise the battered state of the jacket while giving some attention to the wooden pattern and hanger. I thought Lith would be the right expression.

I developed the FP4 film in pyro for detail and then printed on Slavich Unibrom with Lith developer for its stark rendition. I cropped to emphasise the wire jacket holder and nails. I finished with selenium toning to deepen the jacket collar. Almost overdid it.

Slavich Unibrom 160 Lith print, selenium toned.

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