This photograph took some effort. The church is almost abandoned, lying about five miles west of Rugby, North Dakota. The problem was that the altar and its furniture was not quite square, so I moved the furniture to find symmetry around the figure of Jesus. Whereas I find asymmetry often pleasing, something that is supposed to be symmetrical but is a shade out gnaws at me at little.

Altar, Tunbridge Church ND; FP4+ developed in PMK-Pyro; Printed on Ilford MGWT semi-matt using Ansco 120 developer diluted 1:3. Partially Selenium toned.

I wanted a soft delicate image despite the extra contrast given by the PMK-Pyro. So I made up some Ansco 120 soft-working developer. Because this developer is made up without Hydroquinone, deep blacks are rendered grey affording a wider mid-range tonality.

It hasn’t worked out too badly although it’s difficult to reproduce the exact look of the print from a scan.

I didn’t quite get exact symmetry. The floor was slightly sloping off.

2 thoughts on “Tunbridge Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church, North Dakota.

  1. Hi Tony,
    The photography is very interesting and there is something truly intense in it.
    As for the chemical process, I must admit it is all Greek to me!

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